NGO Mainstreaming CLD Scheme

In order to facilitate the mainstreaming across agencies, NGO Mainstreaming CLD Scheme will be launched in the Second Year of the project , ie in Sept 2021 onward.

NGOs with youth services for at-risk youth or special target groups are entitled to apply the NGO Mainstreaming CLD Scheme in agency based.

The NGO Mainstreaming CLD scheme include CLD relief worker subsidies, subsidies for Mainstreaming CLD Program fees , incentives for youths participated in CLAP research study and subsidies for CLD practicum & exposure campaign.

Other supportive measures include partnership and coaching supports will be rendered by 6 Resources NGOs , as well as Infrastructure, CLD tools and manuals will be provided to support the implementation of CLD practice of Network NGOs.




Capacity building for the social work practitioners

Capacity building program include accredited training program, workshop, CoP, E-learning and case consultation & sharing

Youth Program

The youth beneficial under the NGOs mainstreaming CLD scheme from Network NGOs are entitled to join the “Youth Award Scheme”.

Oversea Study Trip

The youth practitioners of Networks NGOs are entitled to join the oversea study trip and are invited to participate in the outstanding CLD practitioners award.

Research and Evaluative Study

The networks NGOs will engage in CLAP Research and Evaluative study to built the prototypes of CLD intervention and evidence for mainstreaming and sustaining CLD.

Details of NGO Mainstreaming CLD Scheme

CLAP@JC - All-Round CLD Mainstreaming Scheme (Network NGOs)

Guidelines (Download)
Application Form (Download)
Budget Template (Download)

2021 - 2022 CLAP@JC - CLD Mainstreaming Program

Guidelines (Download)
Application Form (Download)

2021 - 2022 CLAP@JC - CLD Practicum & Exposure Campaign

Guidelines (Download)
Application Form (Group) (Download)
Application Form (Individual) (Download)

CLAP@JC - Pre & Post-test Questionnaires (Chinese version only)

Pre-test Questionnaires (Download)
Post-test Questionnaires (Download)
Analysis Template (Download)

Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

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