Enterprise Advisor

About Enterprise Advisor (“EA”)

Each Enterprise Advisor will work with a network school on a 1:1 basis, with the aim to bring their business experience and professional network to help network schools in enhancing their CLD strategy as well as enriching youth’s CLD journey​

    Main purpose of an Enterprise Advisor 

    • Support the development of a network school strategic plan to ensure every student receives meaningful employer encounters and workplace experiences .
    • Provide access to their local business networks and encourage more business involvement and engagement to CLD curriculum .
    • With the joint effort support from network schools, design employer engagement activities which are tailored to the needs of students, teachers & parents.

    How can Enterprise Advisor help you? 

    • Support a network school for 2 academic years, spend around 3 hours per quarter to ensure there is time to build a relationship, understand challenges & opportunities, and take action.
    • Work closely with HKBM Team of professionals to evaluate school’s CLD provision by using HKBM Ten Guiding Principles and identify priority areas for support.
    • With the support of the network school, develop, shape or add value to the school’s careers, enterprise and employer engagement strategy. 
    • Use their own contacts to encourage a wider group of employers or the self-employed to work with the network school to enhance your careers, enterprise and employer engagement strategies.
    • With expert knowledge of their sector, share the latest trend and labour market information with network school.
    • Actively participate in Enterprise Advisor Network (“EAN”), attend induction programmes, meetings & activities, to cultivate peer support, share best practice and resources across the EAs.

    Who is your Enterprise Advisor? 


    Working Experiences

    Diversity of industry 

    Enterprise Advisor Network (EAN) 

    Enterprise Advisor Network (EAN) is a small community formed by 51 liked-minded Enterprise Advisors. It is meant to be a support network for both EA and our Network Schools. With the business connection and personal network each EA brings into the partnership with paired school, it will ultimately enhance the network connected and support CLD journey. EAN is formed to allow members to galvanise your business network in the area, to collaboratively meet the needs of schools, in the following areas:

    A strategic partnership that allows members to enjoy the benefits of peer support, sharing views, resources and experiences in CLD journey

    Coordinate networking events as part of an agenda to better link education and businesses, and to raise awareness of the labour market resources that schools are focused on

    A platform to provide some activities to upscaling EAs’ skill and knowledges in career and enterprise education 

    Build stronger guidance-based relationships between businesses and schools so that students can have a clearer view of career pathway and can develop their workplace skills 

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