Be an Enterprise Advisor (EA)

If you are passionate about inspiring our youth, advising their career and life development, join us as Enterprise Advisors!  According to findings from recent school survey on career and life development, schools believe businesses’ involvement is essential to enhance and enrich youth’s career and life development as well as their education to employment journey.

Enterprise Advisors (“EA”) are the cornerstones of CLAP@JC Hong Kong Benchmarks (“HKBM”) for Career & Life Development (“CLD”) programme. EA is a group of like-minded voluntary business professionals who are passionate about young people’s development. EA work closely with secondary schools to contribute to the development of career and life development education and bring positive impact to our future talents.

Be our Employer Partner for Generation x CLAP@JC Training Program

If you are passionate in helping our youth, offering them career development opportunities, join as our Employer Partner!

Generation x CLAP@JC

Generation x CLAP@JC transforms education to employment systems to prepare, place, and support people into life-changing careers that would otherwise be inaccessible. At the same time, we solve the challenges of recruiting and managing talents for employers. Currently we offer 5 to 12-week programs related to popular industries , which consist of innovative boot-camp style training that emphasizes important skills for a role, as well as career and life development elements.

The integrated curriculum is designed in consultation with employers. In addition to providing specific technical skills, it also focuses on the soft skills, behavioral and mindset skills. Ultimately, we target to train all-round young talents to develop their long-term career in this competitive job market, as well as to provide employers with highly skilled, motivated workforce they need.

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