Intervention Model And Key Concepts

Youth Development and Intervention Framework (YDIF) 

Youth Development and Intervention Framework (YDIF) serves as a meta-conceptual framework to guide career and life planning interventions in schools and communities. It also serves as a guide for setting focus and content for the training of career and life planning professionals. 

Based on YDIF, it encourages young people to be the owners of their own career and life planning. Through the steps of career and life development and appropriate intervention services, young people will be nurtured to develop their core competencies so that they are capable of making preliminary career and life decisions, constructing positive career and life identities, and growing their aspirations.



Key Concepts

Expanded Notion of Work (ENOW)

The idea of Expanded Notion of Work (ENOW) aimed at broadening the definition of work and emphasising the equal importance of paid and unpaid work. Unpaid work not only helps young people to develop their capacity for career and life development, but is also an important cornerstone in supporting the construction of their career identity.

The importance of ENOW is its ability to broaden young people’s understanding of career and life development, and encourage their participation in various paid and unpaid work experiences that reflect their interests, as well as the exploration of pathways at their own pace.

Paid Work

Paid Employment encompasses full-time work, part-time work, self-employment, social entrepreneurship, etc.

Work Trials refer to various training and workplace programmes without an employment relationship, as well as business operation on a trial basis such as market stalls at Lunar New Year fair.


Unpaid Work

Work Exposure refers to work exposure programmes, such as job visits, job tasting, job shadowing, internship delivered by a wide range of companies and organizations. VET Programmes refers to vocational education and training.

Voluntary Work in Organisational Settings largely delivered in the third sector could be a valuable working experience for youth to get access to value-driven employment available in charities, NGOs, social enterprises, co-operatives, and even in business corporations which place an emphasis on corporate social responsibility and creating shared value.

Domestic/ Neighbourhood Provisioning for self-care, family care, or neighborhood concern is also concerned as unpaid work experience.

Serious Leisure theorized as an intensive and committed pursuit of a free-time activity such as hip hop, music, theatre performance, online gaming, cosplay, ball games, magic, handicrafts, etc., as well as other activist causes like heritage and environmental protection.


Through reviewing their ENOW experiences, young people can strengthen their self-identity and find their unique Values, Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge (VASK). It encourages young people to highlight the VASK that are transferable to different roles within their careers and daily lives, including learning career, leisure career and vocational career. 

Value – Your judgement of what is important in life. Values act as principles for decision making and action, and also inform attitude.

Attitude – How you view and respond to someone or something which, in turn, influences your thoughts and actions. Your attitude influences how well you perform and how you are perceived.

Skills – Transferable skills are a core set of skills and abilities which can be applied to a wide range of jobs and industries. They enable the proper management of items, data and relationship with others.

Knowledge – Experiences, insights, know-hows, and how-tos that help you achieve things. Know-how is a certain understanding of how things work, while how-to is an ability for operations, such as procedures or skills for operating a machine.






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