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Cohort 3 application

is now open!

Network schools

Join and become one of our cohort 3 network schools (Year 2023 – 2025).

Please fill in and submit the school commitment form.

CLAP@JC has supported 50 schools in the Cohort 1 since 2020 to self-evaluate and plan their school-based CLD provisions using the HKBM.

CLAP@JC is currently recruiting secondary schools to join Cohort 3 (School Year 2023 – 2025) as network schools. Successful applicants would be invited to use the HKBM framework with key components including school hubs, HKBM tools and resources, professional development programmes, signature campaigns and infrastructure to facilitate students in life planning/career development. To learn more about Support For Schools/Educators, please visit https://clap.hk/for-schools/support-for-schools-educators.

For enquiries, please contact us at hkbm@clap.hk.

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