About District Based CLD Network

The “District Based CLD Network” aims to connect different stakeholders in the community (including government departments, social welfare organizations, the business sector, academia, parents, and young people) to gather strength and enhance the attention and support for youth career development within the region. The goal is to create a synergistic effect through the co-construction of stakeholders, generating more resources, opportunities, and networks (RON) for youth career development, and building an enabling environment for career development, thereby strengthening youth empowerment.

District Based CLD Network Map 


CLD Ambassador Training

By recruiting and nurturing young people to become “Career Development Ambassadors”, the initiative offers internship programs, training, and community career development activities to deepen the ambassadors’ self-awareness and understanding of career development concepts, encouraging them to become “promoters”. At the same time, integrating the CLAP@JC Career Development Framework, and using intervention tools such as VASK and CV360®, young people are encouraged to recognize their personal characteristics, uncover their potential abilities, and explore future pathways.

Job Shadowing And Mentorship Programme

The program invites founders and executives from various businesses to become mentors for young people. Through training, these mentors will gain a better understanding of youth culture, values, and aspirations, as well as a deeper knowledge of the CLAP@JC career development concepts, framework, and tools. By arranging individual meetings, workshops, and work experiences between mentors and young people, the initiative aims to provide early exposure to the working world. This helps young people systematically organize their “extended work” experiences and further encourages stakeholders from all sectors to collaboratively create a community environment conducive to youth career development.

Mentor Training

 Documents  (Business Partners/Employers)

Trainee Activity Review Guidelines (Download

VASK-Oriented Job Position Forms (Employers) (Download)

Trainee Training

 Documents  (Youth)

ENOW Mapping  (Download)

ENOW Experience Review Form  (Download)

VASK Review Form  (Download)

Job Tasting Programme

Invite mentors to use the CLAP@JC framework and a shared career development language to share their career journey stories, industry information, and introduce the relevant knowledge and skills required (VASK). By offering career-related experiential activities, the initiative helps young people understand themselves, uncover their personal traits, redefine “success” and “work experience”, broaden their horizons and career development imagination.

Industry Sharing Example

(Business Partners/Employers)

Speaker Briefing

(Business Partners/Employers)

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