Youth impact story

Lam Po Hei

Po Hei’s dream is to become a top athlete or actor. Since participating in CLAP’s dodgeball training, he has been very interested in dodgeball. As he strove to succeed, he was selected as a member of the Hong Kong Dodgeball Team in 2017. For achieving of his goal of traveling to the U.S. with his team members to participate in the competition, he has obtained funding from the “Dare to Achieve: Strive for a Different Life” Award Scheme that allowed him to practice and plan so.

The most memorable for him was the moment that he shared the job of success with his teammates when his team won the contest. “For the last 40 seconds of the game, we knew we would win. We didn’t expect it and we were so excited that we hugged together at the end!” The importance of hard work and mutual tolerance among peers was the thing he realized during practicing.

After gaining experience from the U.S., he started to organize a sport association and become more confident about teaching dodgeball. During which, more opportunities to work with the media has made him realize the possibility of becoming an actor and athlete at the same time. He hopes to reach new heights in the athletic sector, as well as continue to explore more for developing in the entertainment industry.

Tin Ka Wing

Ka Wing discovered this scheme by joining CLAP activities. She worked part-time in a cafe and discovered her passion for coffee. The job changed her personality and inspired her to work in the coffee industry. To fulfill her dream of becoming a barista, she have applied for the “Date to Achieve: Strive for a Different Life” Award Scheme.

For acquiring more professional knowledge of coffee, she has enrolled in several specialty coffee making courses, and gave herself deeper understanding of the industry. She has become more proactive at work, eager to learn from colleagues and supervisors, and even participating in a coffee exchange tour in Taiwan. The sharing with Taiwanese baristas was the more memorable for her as she learnt the importance of respecting others. Besides taking place as a learner, Ka Wing was also the “young mentor” in the exchange tour, assisting social workers to help managing activities. After returning to Hong Kong, she contemplated on her learning experience and share with young people her passion in the coffee industry, as well as the knowhow on preparations for becoming a barista.

After a lot of hard work, she acquired the SCA Intermediate Barista Skills Certificate successfully, providing herself more job opportunities. She is now more confident and determined to work as a barista or barista coach.

Li Suet Ying

Suet Ying’s dream is to become a dog trainer. She used to aspire to be a zoo keeper as she loves animals since she was a child. But she became less confident in herself over the years, frustrated by problems with her academic results and friendship with peers. Fortunately being inspired by a social worker, her passion for training animals was rekindled. With support of “Dare to Achieve: Strive for a Different Life” Award Scheme, she enrolled again in courses and started applying for internship.

As simple as it may seem, training animals is challenging. Besides various command and skills to take good care of animals, she also learnt to rectify problematic behaviour and improve communication skills. After completing the course, she held a sharing session on what she learned with others.

She became more open minded and eager to explore different possibilities in her career after the scheme, instead of confining herself to the pet industry. She understands that it will take certain time and hard work to become a dog trainer, so she has returned to study and participated actively in different activities in ways that will help fulfilling her dream.

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