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《航 · 導》Edu-Paths

The first issue aims to facilitate educators to have a full picture of HKBM’s process and result.

We have interviewed several Principals, Vice Principals, Career Master/ Mistress, Scholars and Business Enterprises, and explored the ways to facilitate students to develop their own career roadmap.

《航 · 導》Edu-Paths

The second issue centers around school and business partnership – a crucial and unique element of the CLAP@JC project. The ever-changing world of work and the new-normal pandemic landscape pose unprecedented challenges for teenagers to make meaningful interpretation to the massive information on multiple pathways and make informed choices on their career and life decisions. To facilitate youth with a smooth transition from school to workplace, school, business, and parent each play an important role to enable ‘Meaningful encounters with the workplace’ (HKBM 8).

《航 · 導》Edu-Paths

The theme of the third issue is “Lateral Capacity Building.” This edition showcases hub activities organized by schools with the objective of enhancing lateral energy. The content also collects the valuable learning experiences of principals and teachers who have participated in the CLAP@JC initiatives, as well as other good practices sharing.

Hong Kong Benchmarks for Career & Life Development Toolkit

Referencing the UK’s Gatsby Benchmarks, the CLAP@JC team has created the Hong Kong Benchmarks for Career and Life Development (“HKBM”), a localized and systematic CLD framework that empowers school to add value to their existing CLD efforts through strategic lens.

Hong Kong Benchmarks for Career & Life Development Case Studies

The successful stories and cases from the pilot schools about Hong Kong Benchmarks for Career and Life Development (“HKBM”).

Hong Kong Benchmarks for Career and Life Development (HKBM) Highlights of School Good Practices

This booklet showcases ten network schools of the CLAP@JC Project their good practices under the “Hong Kong Benchmarks for Career and Life Development”. These participating schools use the “Hong Kong Career Development Self-Assessment Benchmarks” as a framework to review the school’s career and life development policies and measures for continuous improvement, so as to provide students with responsive and high-quality career and life development activities.

The Hong Kong Benchmarks for Career and Life Development (Schools) Case Study 2024

Since 2020, more than 120 schools have adopted “Hong Kong Benchmarks for Career and Life Development” (HKBM) as a systematic self-evaluation framework to establish comprehensive career and life development (CLD) education.

This Case Study showcases how 6 schools leverage HKBM to conduct self-evaluations, progressively improving and advancing their CLD education, achieving transformative changes in realm of “Core”, “Student Focused” and “Enabling Environment” to effectively support students’ CLD.

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