TAKE A clap year

Teachers, especially career master/ mistress takes important role on student’s career & life development. Acquiring real workplace experience could better equip them to offer practical career guidance and up-to-date market information to their students to aid their CLD planning. 

Through the teacher’s participation, it will bring mutual benefits to the teachers as well as the schools in pursuit of the HKBM self-evaluation practice next year.  Concisely speaking, there will be a personal enrichment to the teachers in their CLD education.  As for school, deploying time and space for their teachers to take part in this fruitful workplace program alongside the end-of-program experience sharing session among the network schools might contribute to the achievements of HKBM as well. 

To suit different teacher’s needs, there are “Take A CLAP Year“ and “Take A CLAP Day”.

Program Duration
Take A CLAP Year 1 week to 1 month
Take A CLAP Day 1 day to 3 days


Successful Cases

Take a CLAP Year
To provide first real workplace experience for CLD teachers!

Buddhist Mau Fung Secondary School – Ms Eureka Ko
Let’s see if Ms Eureka Ko can be a good editor?

HKSKH Bishop Hall Secondary School – Mr Victor Yeung
Let’s see what job did Mr Victor Yeung experienced as being a Slasher?

HKSKH Bishop Hall Secondary School – Mr Victor Yeung
Mr Victor Yeung challenged successfully for being a Slasher!

Yu Chun Keung Memorial College – Mr Dominic Chi
Let’s see what job did Mr Dominic Chi experienced as an Animal Keeper?

TWGHs Yow Kam Yuen College – Mr Loch Lo
Let’s see if Mr Loch Lo can be a good Blockchain Analyst?

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