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Joint School CLD cLUB

Our Aim

Students are the owners of their career and life development. School shoud engage and facilitate students to be active CLD activity co-creators as well as their own career path creators.

Through joining JSCLD Club, student’s interest and motivation on CLD will be boosted. Moreover, student will base on their own needs, interests and abilities to operate and promote quality youth-led CLD activities with peers.

Meanwhile, every JSCLD Club student will become the “CLD ambassador”, and aims to enhance the CLD knowledge of inside and outside school and evoke the reflection of each sectors on CLD issue.

Main Activities


The inauguration of Joint School Career and Life Development Club
  • To promote CLD activities as a CLD Ambassador 


CLD Ambassador Training Day Camp

Student learn how to organize CLD activities through team building games and apply the knowledge in the future events.



    CLD Ambassador Training

    Student undertsand their VASK (Values, Attitudes, Skills, Knowledge) and create their own CV360®, so that they can develop the individualized career roadmap for making better choices to plan and manage their own life journey.



    Joint School CLD Club Kick Off

    The first meeting of the CLD Ambassador from 44 network schools, and to explore the vision of Joint School CLD Club.


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