Hong Kong Benchmarks For Career and Life Development (Community)

Hong Kong Benchmarks for Career and Life Development (Community) is a systematic self-improvement framework for youth service units to build quality CLD provisions that can be benchmarked with global standards. It aims to empower social workers to adopt CLD framework to their existing youth services through a strategic lens.

Derived from our experience in launching HKBM at school, the community version of HKBM has been co-created by CUHK & 6 experienced NGOs in consultation with CLAP@JC’s global adviser Sir John Holman (the author of UK’s world-class Gatsby Benchmarks). Ten guiding principles for CLD was derived and piloted in 12 NGOs with diverse backgrounds since September 2021.

The Ten Benchmarks


  1. A Stable and Visible Career and Life Development Policy
  2. Professional Competencies and Leadership

    Youth Focused

  1. Learning from Multiple Pathways Information
  2. Address the Needs of Each Individual
  3. Youth Engagement and Co-creation
  4. Career and Life Guidance for Developing Career Roadmaps

Enabling Environment

  1. Linking Youth Service Plans to Career and Life Development
  2. Meaningful Encounters with the Workplace
  3. Meaningful Encounters with Further Education Opportunities
  4. Parent Engagement and Support
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