Accredited Professional Development Programmes

Accredited PDP on Career and Life Development for Network Schools offered by Department of Curriculum and Instruction, The Education University of Hong Kong:

The project provides professional development programmes for schools’ senior management, Career teachers and other educators. Upon completion of specific accredited courses for key players in the project (e.g. project hub leaders and Career teachers), participants will be conferred university-issued qualifications (i.e. Certificates or Advanced Certificates) with levels of difficulty equivalent to QF5 and 6 respectively under the Qualification Framework in Hong Kong. The broad aim of the programmes is to equip school leaders and teachers in their own capacities to promote good practices of CLD under the HKBM framework.


Strands of Accredited PDP Course Mode Target Participants

BM Champion Level
Advanced Certificate in HK Benchmarks for Career and Life Development Education

(equivalent to QF Level 6*)

*In terms of level of difficulty

– 1-day retreat
(10 Jul 2023)
5-day intensive sessions
(Oct 2023)

– Two 3-hour community-of-practice sessions
(Dec 2023 & Dec 2024)


School Hub Conveners from Resource Schools



School Senior Management Level
(Certificate of Attendance)

– 3-hour seminar
(25 May 2023)

Principal, Senior Leadership Team (SLT), PTA representatives, others (e.g. IMC Chair)

Core Teachers Level
Certificate in HK Benchmarks for Career and Life Development Education

(equivalent to QF Level 5*)

*In terms of level of difficulty

– 3-hour common seminar
(20 / 22 Feb 2023)
– 30-hour sessions
(28 Feb to 3 April 2023)



Representatives from network schools including Career Teachers, PTA teacher, Head student development, ECA master/ representative, subject curriculum representative(s) and teacher(s) assigned by Principal
Whole-school Level
(Certificate of Attendance)

– 1-day workshop
(19 Jun  28 Jun 2023)

All teaching staff & school social workers


All members of HKBM’s resource school or network school can participate the above programmes. Interested teachers can contact representative at respective School for enrolment details. For further details, please contact at




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