Six NGOs partners in CLAP phase II

In Phase II, there are six NGOs joined as resources NGO partners. Four of them has taken part in Phase I in which they have rich experiences in launching CLAP CLD services for the non-engaged youth. They are Hong Kong Christian Services (HKCS), Hong Kong Children & Youth Services (HKCYS), The Boy’s and Girls’ Club Association of Hong Kong (BGCA) and Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA). Caritas Hong Kong (Caritas) and The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention (SRACP) are the new partners to Phase II with Caritas possessing solid experience in youth online engagement, whereas SPACP is the major field player in supporting youth ex-offenders and youth in institutional settings.
Resources NGO partners will be working closely with CUHK team to incorporate CLD into mainstreaming youth services within their own agencies as well as serving as coaching partners to support other NGOs to scale.

Integrating CLAP essentials into mainstreaming youth services

Instead of adopting the specialised services team approach as in Phase I, we will establish the specialised CLD units in six resource NGOs partners to integrate CLD into its various subvented youth services in Phase II. The District Youth Outreaching Teams (YOTs) supporting NEYs and the young ex-offenders are first two-year’s mainstreaming focus (vertical mainstreaming), which will be expanded to other youth services and other subvented NGOs. (Horizontal mainstreaming). The six resources NGOs will form the leadership team to build infrastructure and develop strategies to mainstream CLD not only within their organisations, but also other NGOs with related services.

Key Outcomes of the Community Work

Meaningful Engagement

9,250 NEYs have meaningful engagement & regained hope saving social cost

Mainstreaming Youth Service

Incorporate CLD lens in 71 youth services bringing a practice shift in end to end mainstreaming youth service moving away from deficit model or “problematic” approach to a competence-based approach.


Social Worker Training

4,640 social workers trained through accredited training, workshop, e-learning and COP events


System Level

CLAP HK Benchmarks (Community Version) will be developed and become an industry or even global standard to level up CLD practice in organisations who provide CLD service for youth and  who are able to put CLD as priority organisation agenda and will provide good and early practice on CLD intervention for youth from school-to-community, social integration and relapse prevention in NEYs and institutional settings.
We will also establish four district-based networks to provide meaningful opportunities to nurture a productive generation and foster more sustainable cross-sector collaboration.

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