Sharing Sessions for CLD Community of Practice

CLAP@JC Community of Practice

Theme-based sharing sessions will be held once every two months to introduce good practices of applying different intervention skills to support youth’s career and life development. In order to foster an enabling environment, practical tips to engage special target groups and also key stakeholders will be shared by experts and frontline workers.

CLAP@JC CoP Session – CLD Interventions for Young Mothers


Social Worker, Caritas HK (CLAP@JC Strategic Partner) – Tracy Tin

Social Work Supervisor, Caritas HK (CLAP@JC Strategic Partner) – Sparkle Yu

Social Worker, HKYWCA (CLAP@JC Strategic Partner) – Eva Wong

Chief Officer (Youth and Community Service), HKYWCA (CLAP@JC Strategic Partner) – Kit Ko


CLAP@JC YOT CoP Session – From Crisis Intervention to CLD Intervention


Social Worker, HKCS (CLAP@JC Strategic Partner) – Kitkat Lam

Social Worker, HKCS (CLAP@JC Strategic Partner) – Kin Chan

Social Worker, HKYWCA (CLAP@JC Strategic Partner) – KoBo

Social Worker, HKCYS (CLAP@JC Strategic Partner) – Will Tam


CLAP@JC CoP Session – DSE All-Round CLD & Emotional Support


Team Leader, eSm^_^iley Cyber Youth Support Team from HKCYS (CLAP@JC Strategic Partner) Lily Yeung

Social Worker, HKCYS (CLAP@JC Strategic Partner) – Mel Kwan

Marshall Lau, Assistant Project-In-Charge, LevelMind@JC-BGCA

Associate Manager, Michael Page – Anthony Lau


CLAP@JC CoP Session – Exploring Multiple Pathways Online

CUHK Lecturer/ Poly U Supervisor/ Author in Group Work & E-learning – Wong Kon Chi
CLAP@JC Social Worker (HKYWCA) – Jacky Yip
Social Worker, Career and Life Development Service from Caritas HK (CLAP@JC Strategic Partner) – Cyrus Chong
Social Worker, Young Mother’s Career and Life Development Supportive Service from HKYWCA (CLAP@JC Strategic Partner) Eva Wong


CLAP@JC Conceptual Framework & Intervention Tools

Speaker: CLAP@JC Social Worker – Kin Chan


Narrative Approach X Career & Life Development

Speaker: CLAP@JC Social Worker – ET Cheung


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