Key Features

CLAP@JC Community Intervention will provide a one-stop CLD support for young people, and young people will have their unique CLAP journeys and participate in different activities that are relevant to their needs.

Youth-Centric Approach

Emotion-oriented Intervention

Co-creating a Dynamic Online and Offline Journey with Young People

Knowledge Building for Young People CLD Pathways

Intervention Journey​

There are two main stages within CLAP@JC Community Intervention, which are the activation and navigation stages.

1. Activation Stage

Begins when the youth first joins CLAP@JC Community Intervention until he/she develops an initial meaningful engagement.

2. Navigation Stage

Includes the follow-up of the youth participant after he/she successfully develops a meaningful engagement, to provide continuous support the youth participants in real-life situations.

Intervention Strategies

Needs / Skills Assessment and Family Engagement

Developing individualised action plan with youth

Online & Offline services to develop initial meaningful engagement with youth

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