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We believe, only through discovering the possibilities, one can live a fulfilling life.

Intervention Model and Key Concepts

Youth Development and Intervention Framework

A meta-conceptual framework to guide CLD interventions in schools and community. Also serves as a guide for setting focus and content for the training of CLD professionals.

Expanded Notion of Work

“Paid work” and “Unpaid work” are considered as a whole in its relevance for shedding light on informing young people’s career development and their contributions to the others and society.

Values, Attitudes, Skills & Knowledge (VASK)

Recognise the value of different experiences in building one’s personal qualities – Values, Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge (VASK) which are transferrable to employment world.

Hong Kong Benchmarks for Career and Life Development

Hong Kong Benchmarks is a systematic self-improvement framework for schools to build quality CLD provisions that can be benchmarked with global standards. It aims to empower schools to add value to their existing CLD efforts through a strategic lens.


Every youth is the owner of their life journey.  We aim to unleash infinite potentials of youth and celebrate future of possibilities.

Network Schools

Adoption of pragmatic and professional approach. We introduce “CLAP HK Benchmarks” with global standard to enhance CLD education.

Youth Workers

CLD-driven intervention being promoted in mainstream youth services and pre-employment trainings. 


Practical trainings to suit the needs of different industries. Understand the values, attitudes, skills and knowledge (VASK) of youth to avoid talent mismatch.

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