Youth-led Project Fund

DSE Graduation Project

In response to the overwhelming response last year, CLAP@JC continue to support DSE graduates with the “DSE Graduation Project” this year. The scheme supports DSE graduates to tailor a graduation plan for themselves, which may include learning new skills, cultivating new interests, obtaining professional qualifications, participating in workplace experience, and even designing a local study tour. With the recommendation from social workers from CLAP@JC Resource/ Network NGOs or teachers from CLAP@JC Resource/ Network Schools, DSE graduates are welcome to submit the application form on or before May 31. For details, please refer to the following:

Details and Rules: [CLAP@JC] Youth-led Funding Scheme (DSE Graduation Project)_Application Guidelines
Application Form:


We would like to formally clarify certain matters regarding the CLAP@JC Youth-Led Funding Scheme (DSE Graduation Project). It has come to our attention that there have been unfounded speculations circulating suggesting that our project is in collaboration with SLASH Service LTD. We would like to categorically refute such claims and confirm that our project has no affiliation with SLASH Service LTD.

We encourage all eligible youth who are interested in applying for the CLAP@JC Youth-Led Funding Scheme (DSE Graduation Project) to visit our official website at for accurate information and application procedures.

We hope that this announcement will help to dispel any doubts or misconceptions and reaffirm our commitment to conducting our work with the utmost transparency and integrity.

Thank you for your attention and continued support.

Youth-led Funding Scheme

Youth-led Project Fund (Individual) provides a substantial platform in supporting youth to overcome various barriers along their career and life development journey. It aims at helping youth identify or explore their capabilities and interests, and go on with formulating their own goals and action plans. In turn, a solid foundation will be laid for their future. 

With the recommendation from CLAP@JC social workers, CLAP@JC youth beneficiaries can apply for Youth-led Project Fund (Individual).

Application Process

1) Applicants can submit application form and relevant documents with the recommendation and assistance from social workers.

2) The secretariat will compile application documents and request applicants to submit additional documents if needed.

3) All applications will be vetted by the Youth Award Scheme Working Group.

4) Application result will be announced in writing by the secretariat. (Vetting will take around 2 months’ time)

5) Successful applicants will implement their approved career and life development plans.


6) Upon completion of plans, applicants are required to submit all original receipts and reports (via social workers) to the secretariat for reimbursement.


Phone: 3943 3204

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