Youth-led Project Fund


Youth-led Project Fund (Individual) provides a substantial platform in supporting youth to overcome various barriers along their career and life development journey. It aims at helping youth identify or explore their capabilities and interests, and go on with formulating their own goals and action plans. In turn, a solid foundation will be laid for their future. 

With the recommendation from CLAP@JC social workers, CLAP@JC youth beneficiaries can apply for Youth-led Project Fund (Individual).

Application Process

1) Applicants can submit application form and relevant documents with the recommendation and assistance from social workers.

2) The secretariat will compile application documents and request applicants to submit additional documents if needed.

3) All applications will be vetted by the Youth Award Scheme Working Group.

4) Application result will be announced in writing by the secretariat. (Vetting will take around 2 months’ time)

5) Successful applicants will implement their approved career and life development plans.


6) Upon completion of plans, applicants are required to submit all original receipts and reports (via social workers) to the secretariat for reimbursement.


Phone: 3943 3204

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