clap@JC YOUTH OUTreaching forum 2023

“Journey with Outreaching Youths” 

CLAP@JC, in collaboration with various youth service units, has implemented an effective and systematic intervention framework to help youths discover their unique internal assets.

CLAP@JC aims to establish a positive career identity, reducing the likelihood of youths falling into repeated crises. Recognizing this achievement, CLAP@JC organized the “CLAP@JC Youth Outreaching Forum 2023” on 17th January 2023. This forum serves as a platform for exchange among 19 Youth Outreaching Teams (YOT) and 18 Overnight Outreaching Services for Young Night Drifters (YND). By hosting a series of Panel Discussions, Case Study Sessions and Interactive Workshops, the forum aims to connect over 200 representatives from government departments, social welfare sectors, and academia. The goal is to share effective approaches in supporting outreach youths based on a youth-centered philosophy, inspiring youths to explore their career aspirations and develop the necessary skills to face future challenges and opportunities.


Plenary I:  From Crisis to Brightness – Outreaching Youths’ Possibilities and Opportunities
Plenary II:  “Take A CLAP Year” with Youths

Plenary III:  Way Forward for Outreaching Services

Breakout Session: Identifying CLD Needs in Special Target Groups (Theme: EM, Young mother, Mental health, Triad member, Drug abuser)
Parallel Workshops: Narrative Therapy, Career Construction Theory, HKBM Intervention Tools, Strategy of Stakeholder Engagement, Film Appreciation

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