Business-School Partnership Programme (BSPP)   

Workplace Learning Opportunities for Secondary School Students

Referencing the UK’s Gatsby Benchmarks, the project has formulated a localised framework of career and life development CLAP@JC HK Benchmarks (“HKBM”). It is a systematic self-improvement framework for schools to build quality CLD provisions that can be benchmarked with global standards. For more details please go to: TBA

Benchmark 8 (Meaningful Encounters with the Workplace) encourages students to get meaningful encounters with workplace and employers. UK’s Gatsby Benchmark experience and research has shown encouraging result that a young person who has four or more meaningful encounters with an employer is 85% less likely to be unemployed or not in education or training and can earn up to 22% more during their career.

We are now reaching out to HK businesses with passion in youth development and grooming future talents. We invite businesses to provide different forms of workplace learning opportunities for students of the 50 network schools in our first cohort. See the full list of schools here. 

The objective is two-fold: while students will get a better understanding on the skills needed and inspire them with future pathway optionsbusiness partners would gain more understanding on youth and in turn build talent pipeline through workplace engagements. 

We invite companies to support us with different levels of workplace learning opportunities

Level 1 (Observational activities)

Career talks / Company tours / Industry sharing sessions

Level 2 (Activities enabling students to understand and participate in different workplace roles)

Workplace visit / Job tasting 


Level 3 (Activities developing students’ skills and knowledge in specific workplace contexts or in authentic environment of a specific career)

Internship / Job placement

Please join us! 

Please join us and support the youth of Hong Kong by offering them career development opportunities! 

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