Ka Wing discovered this scheme by joining CLAP activities. She worked part-time in a cafe and discovered her passion for coffee. The job changed her personality and inspired her to work in the coffee industry. To fulfill her dream of becoming a barista, she have applied for the “Date to Achieve: Strive for a Different Life” Award Scheme.

For acquiring more professional knowledge of coffee, she has enrolled in several specialty coffee making courses, and gave herself deeper understanding of the industry. She has become more proactive at work, eager to learn from colleagues and supervisors, and even participating in a coffee exchange tour in Taiwan. The sharing with Taiwanese baristas was the more memorable for her as she learnt the importance of respecting others. Besides taking place as a learner, Ka Wing was also the “young mentor” in the exchange tour, assisting social workers to help managing activities. After returning to Hong Kong, she contemplated on her learning experience and share with young people her passion in the coffee industry, as well as the knowhow on preparations for becoming a barista.

After a lot of hard work, she acquired the SCA Intermediate Barista Skills Certificate successfully, providing herself more job opportunities. She is now more confident and determined to work as a barista or barista coach.

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