clap conference 2020

Embrace Your Future of Possibilities 

Join scholars, professions and youth influencers at our conference on 3 November and 4 November. This year’s Conference takes on an overarching theme to aspire youth and the society to celebrate possibilities and embrace youth’s potentials. Through keynote addresses from local and overseas scholars, panel discussions, showcase of impact stories and workshops, we aim to bring stakeholders together to network, discuss and support HK youths on their Career & Life Development journeys.

Opening Ceremony

<CLAP For Your Goals> Original Musical

Carson, Hilary and Lok were once ardent high school peers. Like many other youths, they have been through ups and downs after graduation. There were times they felt confused or disapproved; yet support and encouragements from families, friends and mentors were never lacking. Through the programs of CLAP, they have gained more understanding of themselves, established their strength and interests and gradually set life goals and plans to achieve them. Fast forward 10 years after, their accomplished selves become confident, bright and joyous. They believe in the potential and opportunities for every youth.

Plenary I: Equipping Youth with Future Skills: Roles of Educators and Businesses in SupportingYouth in School to Work Transition


Our world is changing at an unprecedented pace, and young people need different skillsets to cope with uncertainties that 21st century brings. It is critical to nurture youth to be visionary, innovative, digital savvy and hopeful as future leaders of our society. Career and Life Development (CLD) education should aim to equip them with relevant skills and aspire them to reach their full potentials. While the objective and intention are well defined, many educators feel that they lack network and understanding of the world of work. And some of them are concerned that their CLD programmes are not comprehensive enough to cater for the needs of each student. In this session, thought leaders from education and business sectors will share their ideas on how school and corporates can join hands to equip youth with future skills and mindset.

Speaker: Teddy Liu, Leong Cheung, Prof. Stephen Cheung, Teddy Lui, Carrie Yau

Plenary II: Re-energise Youth Services for Transitional Youth with CLD Approach


School-to-work transition is a life-long process where youth nurture their competence to make informed choices for their future. Smooth transition has critical influence at both personal and macro levels. In Hong Kong, in the absence of CLD capacity and infrastructure, CLD efforts among schools and NGO were scattered and activity-based, particularly those non-engaged youth’s (NEY) CLD needs left unaddressed. The ecosystem in support of school to work transition remains weak with different sectors and policy bureau still operating in silo. The roundtable discussion aims at bringing stakeholders from diverse disciplines to discuss how to re-energise youth services for transitional youth with CLD approach and how different sectors work with the wider community to address these challenges.

Speaker: Charlie Chan, Winnie Ying , Aman Fung, Li Kin Man, Dr. Ting Wai Fong

Keynote I: From Good Career Guidance to Positive Youth Career Development – Lessons from CLAP for Youth@JC Phase I


One of the primary missions of CLAP for Youth@JC was to build up an effective model of career guidance for young people in Hong Kong. In this presentation, we will review the key components of the CLAP model and explore how they contributed to positive career development and enhanced professional capacity, based on the diverse research findings collected from the CLAP journey. We will share lessons learned from CLAP with emphasis on how career guidance can continue to prepare young people for a rapidly changing social and work environment.

Speaker: Prof. Alvin Leung

Plenary III: My Sports My Life: From Interest to Career


Many people love sports and some get really serious about it. The four guests of this sharing session, namely Alex Fong, Cecilia Yeung, Cheung Pui Lim and Eddie Lam have attained excellent achievements in their fields thanks to their talents and hard work. More importantly, their VASK (Value, Attitude, Skills and Knowledge) and imagination in Career have enabled them to develop their interest into their career. During this sharing session, the four guests will share different experience in their journey, hoping to inspire others who have the same passion to pursue sports as career!

Speakers: Nicole Ng, Alex Fong, Cecilia Yeung, Cheung Pui Lim, Lam Bo Hei

Keynote II: Good Career Guidance: What Really Works?


From an international study of world-class career guidance, we have developed a set of benchmarks which have been adapted around the world – especially in Hong Kong. In this lecture, I will talk about how we have implemented these benchmarks in schools in England and other countries, and share the evidence we have accumulated about what works best in career and life planning for young people. Based on evidence collected from around 3000 schools, I will show what works in practice, and share thoughts on what is still left to be done.

Speaker: Sir John Holman

Keynote III: Designing Quality Programs that Promote Hope, Purpose and Future Readiness among High Need, High Risk Youth


Using a social justice and equity lens, this presentation offers program design strategies to support the estimated over 600 million youth who are not in school or working (i.e., NEET) opportunity. Using individualized learning plans (ILPs), the presentation will encourage moving away from the traditional career choice and decision-making paradigm and instead adopting a positive youth development (PYD) model. This PYD model focuses on helping youth identify the talent and skills the possess and becoming aware of how these skills transfer into regional labor market opportunities. To demonstrate, the presentation will showcase a sequence of “Who Am I” lessons (adapted from Perry, et al., 2014) that were developed using CASEL’s Social Emotional Learning and workforce development model (CASEL, 2020).

Speaker: Dr. Scott Solberg

Plenary IV: The Era of New Media: Creating Possibilities from Simple Ideas


Young people got infinite potential in creative thinking. But speaking of creative industry, it is not just about great ideas, it also requires strong execution. In this session, we have invited the online creative team – Pomato, to share their transformation experience from a group of young people passionate about content creation, to a viral online channel in Hong Kong. In the face of fierce competitions, Pomato never forget their intention and commitment to stand up to new challenges in their CLD journey. Together with Kelly Lin, the participant of CLAP for Youth@JC, they will talk to the younger generation about the adventure in the era of new media so as to enrich their understanding of the creative industry.

Speakers: Michell Go, Pomato, Kelly Lin

Keynote IV: Zhong-Yong Mode of Reflexivity: A Culture-inclusive Career Intervention Model


Most of the difficulties of Chinese people’s career decision-making come from the conflict between the self & the self-in-relation. This is a “bicultural dilemma” in which Chinese collectivism and Western individualism coexist in our culture, reflecting a complex interplay of cultural norms and beliefs. A culture-inclusive career model based on Zhong-Yong (中庸) mode of reflexivity is proposed. The zhong-yong mode of thinking, which is defined as a philosophy of life that guides deliberation, selection, and execution of action in daily life (Yang, 2010). The presentation will highlight cultural issues in career development in Chinese cultural context, and propose strategies based on Zhong -Yong mode of thinking for career interventions that will empower clients to optimize their career satisfaction.

Speaker: Prof. JIN Shuh-Ren

Keynote V: Lighting the Way: Professional Standards in Career Services


The current crisis of the global pandemic highlights the impact of economic and employment instability on overall wellbeing. As more people experience career-related hardships and an uncertain future, quality career services are increasingly needed to navigate these challenges. Professional standards in career services offers a framework for competent provision of career-focused support that is responsive to complex needs within a broader societal context. The National Career Development Association in the United States and other international professional associations have established professional standards to light the way for career practitioners. This presentation will discuss the benefits of professional standards, themes within professional standards from across the world, the connection between professional standards and the delivery of career services.

Speaker: Dr. Seth Hayden

Plenary V: School Principal Summit: Importance of Career and Life Development (CLD)


Our youth is currently facing many challenges and uncertainties brought about by the latest technological advancement and fast-emerging social and environmental context in the society. Their Career and Life Development (CLD) education from early age becomes more important. To equip the youth to face future changes, CLD should be in the core agenda of school education. This School Principal Summit invites 6 principals, who joined the pilot of the ‘Hong Kong Benchmarks for Career and Life Development’ (HKBM), to exchange their insightful perspectives and experiences on CLD in context of school development, and share the cost-benefits considerations of adopting the whole-school HKBM approach, in order to make our youth more motivated, ready, adaptable and resilient to the dynamic world of work in the future.

Speakers: Dr. Stephen Yip, Chan Chi Wai, Cheng Sze Wang , Kam Wai Ming , Lam Yat Fung , Tong Hing Keung , Wong Wing Tung

Keynote VI: Professionalising Career Guidance: Shaping an Identity


Career guidance can have a positive impact on individuals and on the economic development of countries. It can assist with education, labour market, and social inclusion goals. Career guidance has traditionally been provided for young people transitioning from school. More recently however, in view of the rapidly changing world of work and the potential need for individuals to transition between learning and work several times in a lifetime, there is recognition that career guidance should be available across the lifespan including in community settings. In most countries to date, career guidance has been a largely unregulated industry with little to guide the employment, training, and professional standards of practitioners. The landscape of career guidance however, is changing with many countries developing and implementing professional standards that are serving to more clearly shape the identity of the profession nationally and internationally. In this presentation, I will consider the professionalisation of career guidance and counselling.

Speaker: Dr. Mary McMahon

Plenary VI: Craft Your Own Life – Elevating Parents


Should we create our own life or wait on our parents to plan the ‘perfect’ life for us? The guests in this sharing session will explore the role of parents in their children’s career and life development journey.  Ahfa Wong and Principal Joseph Cheng will tell us how they listen to their children’s aspiration and guide them to explore different possibilities?  Being young and daring to dream, Edan and Linus Cheng will share their journey of self-understanding and how they communicate effectively with their parents in order to live their life to the fullest and unleash their unlimited potential.

Speakers: Heidi Chu, Ahfa Wong, Edan@MIRROR, Joseph Cheng, Linus Cheng

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